In 2008, the organization set up “TNW Volunteer Club” to engage the society oriented people especially highly energetic young university students to utilize their energy, resources, time and creativity in the execution of TNW project activities.

Since 2008-2013, more than 200 volunteers have joined the “TNW Volunteer Club” and worked in the capacity of a full time Volunteer for 3-6 months.

The organization has been executing its project activities with the selfless contribution and dedication of the highly respected volunteers. It has made possible for the organization to implement its project activities on a very low cost.

If anyone is willing to join the “TNW Volunteer Club” and contribute for socio-environmental change in the capacity of volunteer then please send an application letter through email


The volunteer should work full time at least for 3 months. The volunteer will not get any financial remuneration. The volunteer should state his/her specific subject area or expertise while sending an application letter. The volunteer having technical expertise will be given priority.

Before applying, we strongly recommend to check the website ( for detailed information.

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