About TNW Nepal

TNW is a not-for profit making, non-governmental, grassroots and community-based organization governed by a team of environmental activists, environmentalists, developmental workers, scholars, filmmakers, journalists/media persons, ICT professionals and young people. TNW was founded under the initiative, vision and leadership of Mr. BK Dalit in 2006. It encourages, educates, enables and engages young men and women (in particular) to achieve its goal.

Sustainable community development & economic growth through the protection and conservation of natural resources, democratic environmental governance, awareness, advocacy, campaigning, better education, capacity development, sustainable infrastructure development & application of science and technologies

Sustainable community development & economic growth conserving natural resources

Focus areas:

•  Natural resources based economy (agricultural economy)

•  Natural resources based entrepreneurship (agricultural entrepreneurship)

•  Natural Resources based community development (agriculture based community development)

•  Natural resources' protection, conservation and democratic governance

•  Natural/disaster resistance infrastructures

•  Youth Access to Land/governance

•  Better Education

•  Capacity development

•  Awareness, Advocacy & Campaigning

•  Application of science and technologies

•  Research

Governing Council

Ms. Smita KC

Ms. Sheelu Adhikari

Ms. Rejina Shrestha

Ms. Durga Shrestha

Ms. Prasida Khanal

Mr. BK Dalit

Mr. Roshan Kumar Shrestha

Mr. Manoj Pandit

Target Beneficiaries:

•  Youth

•  Women



•  Farmers

Geographical Area:

TNW works in any geographic locations as per the needs/problem assessment of people and societies. We only work upon the request of beneficiaries/community.

Before launching any social initiatives, TNW Volunteers will conduct a field survey and hold a “meeting on local needs assessment” with community stakeholders.

There should be a commitment from local/beneficiaries/community level for local contribution (in terms of financial/technical/logistic) to the proposed initiative.

If any one wants to be a member/volunteer of TNW or contribute financially or technically to its social initiatives then please email us at info@tnwnepal.org

Partner Organizations & Well Wishers

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