Agriculture Camp

On the eve of Nepalese New Year 2069 B.S., Team for Nature and Wildlife (TNW) launched a program titled “Agriculture Camp” with an objective to enhance the knowledge and skills of rural based small-scale farmers on commercial farming.

This is the program especially designed for rural small-scale farmers who are deprived of necessary technical knowledge, skills, information, guidance and further support for commercial farming.

The duration of the agriculture camp depends on the demand of the farmers and available resources.


• Commercial farming training

• Organic farming education/awareness

• Organic compost production training from household, community, agro waste, vermin composting and human urine processing for compost production

• Agro enterprise/cooperative formation, development, and management training

• Facilitation in the registration and development of Agro enterprise/ cooperative

• Regular follow up and further assistances as per the need of the farmers

TNW carries out Agriculture Camp in these ways:

•  First, some people of particular community will have to make a written request to TNW to organize an Agriculture Camp.

•  Second, TNW will make an official request to the people to bear the cost of transportation of project team members to and back from the project site.

•  Third, TNW will make an official request to the people to manage local food and accommodation for the project team members.

•  Fourth, TNW will make a request to the people to manage tea and locally available snacks for the trainees during the training session.

•  Fifth, TNW will make a request to the people to manage a training venue and technical resources.

•  Sixth, the TNW has to get a written consent from the community people and any local stakeholders (like governmental or non governmental bodies, local farmers groups, women or mothers' groups) stating that everything will be managed to organize the agro camp

•  Seventh, TNW makes a project team and schedule with the involvement of experts

•  Eight, TNW goes to community and organize agro camp.

•  Ninth, TNW will choose a community representative from the people to coordinate, follow up the post project activities and make a reporting to TNW

Tenth, TNW will try to provide further necessary support as per the needs of farmers
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