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TNW consists of a team of highly renowned documentary filmmakers and technicians, which produces documentary films on wide range of environmental issues.

About the ongoing documentary project

Title of the Documentary Film:
“Behind the crime”

Film theme:
Wildlife conservation

Coordinated and executed by:
TNW-Documentary/Film Department

Supported by:
The Green Institute

Media partner:

The wildlife crime is still on rise despite great efforts by governmental and nongovernmental organizations to control wildlife poaching, illegal wildlife trade. The culprits involved in wildlife crime are being arrested and punished as per the existing National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Acts 1979. After the culprits get arrested, we have seen game being played by politicians, bureaucrats behind the bar to release the culprits. Some of the culprits are also found to have been released under political influence before they are supposed to be sentenced to jail as per the legal norms. The arrest of people in connection with rhino horn and instant political pressure to release the culprits have proved that the wildlife poaching, illegal trade and crime is flourishing by wildlife criminals under the protection of the politicians, bureaucrats and other power holding people. Recently, the notorious gangsters were arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in possession of rhino horn. Immediately after their arrest, the big politicians gave intense pressure to police personnel/ agencies to release the culprits. Finally the arrested culprits were released despite intense pressure and advocacy by conservationists and civil society. From these incidents, it is known that there is strong back up to such culprits from behind the bars. To release the culprits, it is assumed that a series of conspiracies are being hatched right from the beginning moment when the culprits get arrested. The trend of wildlife poaching, trade and crime will not be controlled until and unless the real protectors of wildlife criminals and game behind the bar being played to avoid the wildlife criminals from the punishment are explored and exposed openly to the public so that there will be strong pressure from the public to the real protectors of wildlife criminals. In this regard, there is a need of massive public awareness and strong sensitization in this issue. From our past experiences, it is known that the best and strong medium of mass awareness and sensitization could be a documentary film.

Therefore, Team for Nature and Wildlife (TNW), a strong advocate against wildlife poaching, trade and crime has come up with a project to produce a documentary film on wildlife crime titled “Behind the crime”.

The project is being coordinated and executed by the Documentary/film Department, set up by TNW to produce documentary films on environmental issues.

The Green Institute has financially and technically supported the project.

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