Green Theatre -Environmental Awareness through Theatre (EAT)

TNW launched Green Theatre -Environmental Awareness through Theatre (EAT) program for generating awareness and sensitizing people on environment issues and conservation on 21st September 2007. TNW is the first environmental organization in Nepal that has adopted green theatre to generate awareness on environmental issues through Theatre shows and street drama.

TNW Theatre Centre under the TNW consists of highly professional, committed, and dedicated theatre artistes whose sole job is to perform in the drama. The drama shows are being supported by the organizations like WWF, ICIMOD, and Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness (ECCA), VSBK/SDC, and Nepal Nature Dot Com.

Summary of the past drama shows:

1st show:
TNW conducted drama show on 21st September 2007 in technical support of Arohan Theatre (School of Theatre). TNW Theatre artistes performed a drama show titled "For Tomorrow". The event was supported by WWF Nepal, ICIMOD and Nepal Nature Dot Com. More than 300 people have been aware on environmental issues through this drama show.

2nd show:
On the occasion of 24th anniversary of ICIMOD, TNW organized a drama show "For Tomorrow" on 7 December 2007 for school children and the ICIMOD family. The show was supported by the ICIMOD.

3rd show:

TNW organized drama shows for the school children on the theme "Think about school environment" on January 8, 2009. The show was supported by ECCA.

4th show:
TNW organized street theatre “Life in danger" at four different urban locations (major city centers) to spread the awareness on air pollution and solid waste. The show began since 7th February 2009. The first show was observed by more than 200 people. TNW conducted the second show on 16th February 2009 on the premises of Kathmandu Durbar Square. More than 250 people had watched the drama show. TNW organized the third show on 18th February 2009(Tuesday) on the premises of Patan Krishna Temple at 4:30 pm. More than 150 people had watched the show. TNW staged the fourth and final show on 19th February 2009 on the Bhaktapur Durbaar Square, Bhaktapur. The shows were supported by Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln/SDC.

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