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Sustainable Village Initiative (SVI)

TNW Nepal has launched Sustainable Village Initiative (SVI) to promote sustainable development of a rural community. Under the initiative, TNW Nepal attempts to raise socio-economic status of the rural people through the utilization, management and democratic governance of natural resources.
In particular, TNW Nepal focuses on commercialization and modernization of agriculture, agriculture based enterprise development and economic development. ....... More >>


B K Dalit addressed 68 th UN General Assembly side events

B K Dalit, Chief Founder/President of TNW and Young Developmental Campaigner addressed 68 th UN General Assembly side events on youth held in United Nations Headquarter, New York on 19 th September 2013. He had addressed under the special request of UN Secretary General's Envoy on Youth Ahmad Alhendawi. He spoke at Roundtable Dialogue on Investing in Young People hosted by the United Nations. ........ More >>.

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Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology
Ministry of Youth and Sports
Ministry of Youth and Sports
The World Conservation Union
WWF Nepal
Dept. of National Park and Wildlife Conservation
Nepal Tourism Board
University of Sussex
Chitwan National Park

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