Land for Youth Campaign

In 2012,, Team for Nature and Wildlife (TNW)  launched “Land for Youth Campaign” or “L4Y Campaign”. This is the first campaign in Nepal especially aimed at ensuring youths' access to land for commercial agriculture and agro entrepreneurship. The slogan of this campaign is " Barren land should be given to Youth!"

Objectives of the L4Y Campaign: 

•  To generate land related awareness on youth 

•  To sensitize policy makers for youth's easy access to land for commercial agriculture 

•  To disseminate land related information to a large number of landless young people and young people/farmers 

•  To influence the government for young farmers focused land policies and programs. 

•  To advocate for youth's access to public barren land for commercial farming or agro entrepreneurship

TNW has been advocating for youth's access to land especially for commercial farming. Youth's access to Land/governance is one of the focus areas of TNW Nepal. In 2013 July, TNW Nepal undertook the project “Youth-Led Action Research on Land”, commissioned by the UN- Habitat and GLTN. One of the key outputs of the project was the Youth and Land Responsiveness Criteria tool (YLRC). The purpose of the Youth and Land Responsiveness Criteria tool is to ensure that youth and land issues are integrated into land programs and projects in a systematic and comprehensive way, in order to achieve secure tenure for all. Since 2012, TNW has been engaged with UN-Habitat/GLTN in several international dialogues and extensive consultations on youth and Land issues.

TNW's participation at UN-Habitat/GLTN international events

•  “Connecting Youth to Land and Land to Youth” organized by UN HABITAT and GLTN in Morocco in 2012

•  Learning Exchange workshop on Youth and Land issues organized by UN-Habitat, the GLTN and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs held on 11-14 November 2013, The Hague, Netherlands

•  United Nations General Assembly side events on Youth, Land and Agriculture organized by UN Habitat and GLTN, at UN Headquarter, New York on 17th September 2013

•  UN Roundtable on investing in Young People: United Nations General Assembly side events on Youth” held on 19th September 2013 at UN Headquarter, New York.

•  “Youth Roundtable: Youth and Human Rights” in 7th UN-World Urban Forum organized by UN-Habitat, held on 11th April 2014 in Medellin, Colombia.

•  Youth, land and agriculture” at a GLTN/ UN-Habitat Workshop held in Naivasha, Kenya, on 20th- 23rd On July 2014,

•  Youth, land, agriculture and employment” session and “ Land and conflict session” in the 6th GLTN Partners Meeting held at the UN-Habitat Headquarters, in the UN Compound in Gigiri, Nairobi, Kenya, held on the 3 – 5 November 2015,

•  “GLTN Expert Group Meeting on Land”, in the Netherlands in December 2014

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