Mission Conservation

Immediately after its inception in 2006, Team for Nature and Wildlife (TNW) formally launched “Mission Conservation” Campaign to struggle for the conservation of environment, environmental resources and biodiversity with youth led activism/advocacy and action.

Mission Rhino 2020
In the beginning, Team for Nature and Wildlife (TNW) decided to strongly struggle for the conservation of endangered wildlife species especially one horned Rhinoceros and its habitats.

Accordingly, the organization launched “Mission Rhino 2020 Movement" to save the Rhino with youth led activism on 23rd September 2009(National Conservation Day).

It was launched in response to the massive and uncontrolled poaching of endangered wildlife species and illegal trade of wildlife parts, trends of amnesty and state protection to the wildlife poachers/criminals under the influence of politicians, law makers and authorities associated with judicial community.

This is the first youth led movement for rhino conservation in the conservation history of Nepal.

The movement carried out a series of programs/activities in the country to control the poaching and illegal trade of endangered wildlife species especially Rhino.

Mission Rhino 2020 activities:

•  “Wildlife Workshops for Youth” for Youth awareness and participation on wildlife conservation” through

•  Youth Assembly on Rhino Conservation on june2, 2010

•  Wildlife Workshop with Local Stakeholders ( In Chitwan)

•  Wildlife Workshop with Central Level Stakeholders (In Kathmandu)

•  Research, Monitoring and following up of wildlife crimes and judicial and quasi-judicial decisions on wildlife crimes

•  Advocacy through National Newspapers against governmental and judicial amnesty to Wildlife Criminals

•  Producing video documentary on the issues of wildlife poaching and illegal trade in Nepal

•  Lobbying to influence Parliament/Parliamentary Committee for wildlife security

•  Partnership with Parliamentary Committee against wildlife crime/criminals and judicial and quasi-judicial decisions

•  Filed case against the Supreme Court Justice and backed by the Parliamentary Committee of Natural Resources and Means of Legislative Parliament

•  Lobbying for Wildlife friendly Governmental Policies and Programs

•  Advocacy against Wildlife Poaching, Trade and Crime (AWPTC)

National Youth Alliance
TNW formed National Youth Alliance for Rhino Conservation (NYARC) as a wing of TNW, with the involvement of young students from different universities for the continuation of youth led wildlife conservation activities.

Now, the NYARC is advocating for wildlife security.

UNESCO appreciated TNW
In November 2011, TNW strongly advocated for the conservation of Protected Areas and National Parks in response to the governmental plans that was supposed to destroy the biodiversity in the name of physical development. After the TNW advocated against the governmental anti environmental plans then the government was forced to take back the decision.

The UNESCO acknowledged this initiative of TNW. On 5 th December 2011, the Director General of UNESCO sent a Letter of Appreciation to TNW for the role played by TNW to protect the protected areas and National Parks.

Future Course of Actions:
We have proved that we youth can be the strongest force in advocating for environmental security. That's why, TNW will be advocating and struggling strongly for the conservation of environment, environmental resources and biodiversity under the Campaign titled “Mission Conservation” it launched in 2006.

TNW will strongly protest against the destruction of environment, environmental resources and our precious biodiversity.

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Summary of Mission Rhino 2020 Movement Activities and outputs
Nepal Bar Program Report
NYARC Program
Wildlife Crime Monitoring Report
Conservation Workshop with Local stakeholders_Report

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