Pesticides-free Vegetable Village (PVV) Campaign

Results from the Agricultural Health Study, an ongoing study of pesticide exposures in farm families, show that farmers who use agricultural insecticides has experienced an increase in headaches, fatigue, insomnia, dizziness, hand tremors, and other neurological symptoms. After countless studies, pesticides have been linked to cancer, Alzheimer's disease, ADHD, and even birth defects. Likewise, the consumption of vegetables grown with pesticides has affected human health.

The use of chemical pesticides is creating environmental problems and could affect the natural water resources, soils, wildlife, livestock, pets and beneficial insects, resurgence of resistant pest population and secondary pest outbreaks, genetic damage and loss of biodiversity and reduction of crop yields in the long run. Bees, which pollinate the crops, are reportedly disappearing around the world at alarming rates due to use of chemical pesticides.

According to the 2011, National Population Census 21% men of total population have been migrated out of country for employment. Most of the men migrate in gulf countries. As a result, women are the main stakeholders involved in farming due to the migration of men from rural to urban or abroad. According to the statistics of Ministry of Agriculture Development of 2011 AD, 72.8 % women are involved in farming. The economic status of rural women farmers is poor. Most of the women farmers are adopting traditional and subsistence farming. They lack knowledge and skills on modern and commercial farming. As a result, they cannot make sufficient income to run their house business. It has been reported that income from vegetable farming is sufficient for a year if the farmers adopt modern and commercial farming.

On 5 th June 2013 (World Environment Day) Mr. BK Dalit (Founder-TNW) envisioned “Pesticides-free Vegetable Village (PVV) Campaign” to inspire and engage farmers on environment friendly farming. On 29 th June 2013, under the leadership of Mr. BK Dalit (Founder-TNW), TNWlaunched PVV Campaign. The campaign is being launchedand implemented in one of the urban/peri-urban communities.


The main goal of the campaign is to enhance the production of pesticides-free vegetables and other agricultural products and farmers' income (especially women farmers) by inspiring, empowering, engaging and supporting the farmers on environment-friendly and technology based commercial farming.


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