Women-farmer empowerment (We) Initiative

The UN agencies state that when women are economically and socially empowered, they become a potent force for change. Women are also major players in the world's food system. In Nepal, women make up 62 per cent of the agricultural workforce. As per the action-research done by TNW, it has been found that women-farmers lack knowledge, skill, resources, technology, quality agriculture inputs and access to market.

To help the women-farmers, TNW has launched “Women-farmer Empowerment (WE) Initiative, TNW has been helping the women farmers in peri-urban and rural areas to be capable for and get engaged on commercial farming.

Till now, 156 women (jointly with men) in peri-urban areas and 107 women farmers (107 households) in rural communities were educated, trained and supported further to get engaged on pesticides-free commercial vegetable farming. They are producing vegetables and earning a good amount of money. With the training and technical assistance of TNW, women farmers have formed two agricultural cooperatives. Two agricultural cooperatives have been formed in the name of Bhupaleshwor Agricultural Cooperative Ltd. in Dakchinkaali VDC-5 and Jana Sahavaagi Agricultural Cooperative Ltd. in Pida VDC-5, Mulakharka, Dhading district. TNW is now helping the agricultural cooperative for its management and growth.

Women farmers in classroom-learning commercial farming through agricultural experts

Women farmers taking classes on commercial farming

On the farm class by an agricultural expert on agricultural technology

Dr. Bharat Poudel providing training to women-farmers on organic farming

Dr. Bharat Poudel providing training on commercial vegetable farming

Women and men farmers taking picture after training with Resource persons

Women-farmer in class discussion

Women-farmer in a group discussion

Dr. Bharat Poudel teaching women farmers through infotainment ways

Women-farmer taking a group picture after a meeting of agricultural cooperative( Janasahavaagi agriculture cooperative)

Young woman-farmer taking a training certificate of agro-cooperative and vegetable farming

TNW’s Admin/Fin Chief Ms. Sheelu Adhikari donating computer sets to the agricultural cooperative formed by women formed under TNW’s training and assistance

An office building of the agriculture cooperative(Bhupaleshwor Agriculture Cooperative) established with TNW’s support

A young woman-farmer giving an interview to Radio Annapurna about training

A woman-farmer taking a certificate of training along with books

A young woman-farmer taking a certificate of commercial farming training

A young woman-farmer taking a certificate of training

A young woman taking a certificate of commercial farming training

Women-farmer empowerment and advocacy-Team
Ms. Smita KC
Ms. SheeluAdhikari
Ms. SaradaPokhrael
Ms. SaritaShrestha
Dr. PrasidaKhanal

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